"I go to nature to be soothed and healed and to have my senses put in tune once more"

John Burroughs

Travis Moore, LPC 

About Me

While growing up in Texas, I developed a life long passion for the outdoors. That passion led me to a career in the fly fishing industry where I saw the profound impact that nature and the art of fly fishing can have on people. Inspired to share the therapeutic benefits of the outdoors, I pursued a career in professional counseling. I approach counseling from a unique perspective, and often integrate forms of outdoor experiential therapy, and fly fishing into my practice. I currently and see clients in Dallas, Kaufman, and at both locations of Rockwall Counseling and Wellness. 


Rethink Therapy

Counseling Outside of the Box

Grass Close Up
Animal brown horse

Therapy does not necessarily have to take place in an office building. Sometimes getting some fresh air can help clients open up and deepen their therapeutic experience.

Equine sessions take place at Jake E's Riding Round Up in Kaufman, TX.   Horses are extremely sensitive to changes in humans, providing the client and the therapist instant and crucial insight into the client's thoughts and feelings, even when no words are spoken.

Moored Boat
Foggy Campsite

Get in the Flow

My goal in an on the water session is to provide clients with a challenging and meaningful experience that will lead to an increase in mindfulness and self-awareness. I currently offer these sessions at Fish Poetry in Poetry, TX. 

Retreats and Overnights

This project is still in development, but it is a goal of mine to apply outdoor experiential therapy techniques in overnight settings with individuals, couples, and families. Camp is a great place for a parent and child to find peace and pursue change.

A Unique Approach to Counseling

What To Expect

Therapy is a process of growth and self-discovery, and in my sessions I promote behavioral transformation by encouraging a positive thinking and the adoption of new attitudes and outlooks. I try to integrate outdoor experiential practices into my sessions in order to enhance the therapeutic experience and increase clients self awareness and mindfulness. I often work with adolescents and young adults who face difficult challenges as they transition into the "real world". My goal is to help clients cultivate mindfulness and self confidence so they can navigate the transitional turbulence of life with a positive outlook.


Since 2015, I have provided patients in North Texas with a wide range of counseling services to suit their needs. Please see the sections below to learn about my unique approach to counseling and some of the out side of the box options for therapy sessions.