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Grass Close Up

A Breath of Fresh Air

Walk and Talk

Discussing your deepest thoughts and emotions can be difficult - no matter how comfy and cozy the couch is. Sometimes going for a walk can help. The goal of a Walk and Talk Session is to get the client moving - mentally, emotionally, and  physically.  

  • Outdoor therapy clients experience the "here and now" of nature and refocus their thought on the present. Present centered thought is the foundation on which we build a toolkit of positive coping skills and a cultivate mindful lifestyle. 

  • Being in nature is also emotionally grounding. I often see my client's breathing change throughout the session and I often hear..."I feel so relaxed". 

  • Physical activity has also been shown to reduce levels of depression and anxiety, and I find that this type of therapy works well with clients that struggle with Attention Deficit and trauma related issues. 

Getting out of the office benefits the relationship between therapist and client. Being outdoors shifts the client's focus to the world around them rather than a therapist sitting on the other side of the room.  This makes the therapeutic experience more personal for the participant, and deepens their ownership of insight and progress. 

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