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Rethink Therapy

Counseling Outside of the Box

Grass Close Up

Therapy does not necessarily have to take place in an office building. Sometimes getting some fresh air can help clients open up and deepen their therapeutic experience.

Moored Boat

Get in the Flow

I decided to get pursue counseling as a career when  I saw the impact fly fishing retreats had on wounded veterans and cancer survivors. My goal in on the water sessions is to give my clients a skill set that they can use on the water and in their day to day experience.

Foggy Campsite

Retreats and Overnights

This project is still in development, but it is a goal of mine to apply outdoor experiential therapy techniques in overnight settings. I envision applying these techniques to overnight retreats with individuals, couples, and families. Camp is a great place for a parent and child to find peace and pursue change.

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